Monday, 30 March 2015

Malama Honua

Year 5&6 camp

We played a game called killer zone how you play this game you have to get 1 to 5 broads and sking woods and a big sling shot with 12 balls. And 3 big gumboots and 1 small gumboot and a blue mat as a tunnel. How your woundring to win this game you have to put the flag up.

Did you know that we had a swim at the pool’s? because we can have fun. And after that  we had a shower with sampoo and conditioner. As we washed our selfes up we got
change we probely had about 5 to 6 minutes and 50 seconds in the shower.

Have you ever splet in a tent before? well year 5&6 did it was funny as becuase when someone was by our tent I will fart and they will go away.
Then one nignt me and my freinds had a farting competition. and guess who won me.

Duffy Theatre

Have you ever heard of the Duffy theatre well it’s a show that they are making you think that reading is cool. well why I think that reading is cool because you can imaginat stuff in your head. like lava broad’s dinosuars holding a sword.

My part is the lady that was singing a song like this tinka tinka tinka tinka tinka lalalala. it was funny as she sounded like a funny person i still have that song in my head now.

Image result for reading book What I thought about the Duffy Theatre was pretty cool

Thursday, 5 March 2015


               Image result for blindfoldedin the morning at 9:00am we had to move to our literacy group.So my literacy class was room 7 the teacher name was Mr Somerville we got to be blind folding.In blind folding we got to partner up so one person had to be the director and the other person had to be the blindfolded my partner was my friend Chyurs and me I was the one who’s blind fold and my friend was the director who tells where to go.

So me and my friend went down to the park even other me I didn’t know where I was going.Then when we got to the park we had to play on the park but with blindfolded so my friend told me where to go so I climbed the monkey bar all the way to the end and my arms were tired.

After that me and Chyrus had to swope so Chyrus was blindfolded and I was the director. then Cyhrus said this is going to be easy but then when we started he said it hard so I told the way for him so we went up the ladder down the ladder again up the monkey bars and the tornado.After that we all went back to class and had to write about it.

My favorite was being blindfolded and having fun with my partner and it was so cool.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

my cool thing

hi my name is John I am half Cookland and half Maori my favourite game is five night at Freddy's.
it is a games that you have to survive the night there are Character that try to a attack you they are called Freddy the bear, foxy the fox, chica the chicken and bonnie the bunny, and balloon boy the boy, and spider foxy  is a spider and fox, and sparky the dog, golden Freddy the yellow bear, golden bonnie the yellow bunny and puppet master is the boss of the Character