Monday, 22 June 2015


Christchurch Interview
  • You are going to create an interview with a friend. One of you will be the interviewer while the other will be a person who has lived through the Christchurch earthquakes.
  • Once you have completed the above interview planning form and have created your interview questions you will film the interview.
  • Post this onto your blog with 1-2 paragraphs explaining your learning.

Story: Christchurch it is not good it was like we would die
Character: Max

Planning space
Write what details you know and can create.
eg. Age, Gender, etc
Man by the name of Max. He is a builder/Architect that lives in Christchurch in the red zone with his wife and 3 kids.
What are their interests do you think?
He like’s to build house and watch T.V about the block NZ .
What is their job?
e.g., are they a student, architect, etc.
Max’s job is to build every house when it was busted and they had a little money just enuf to build a church of cardboard.  
How was their life affected during the 2011 Christchurch earthquake?
well they were in the red zone which that means it’s when all the houses get damaged in the red zone `
What have they done since the 2011 earthquake to survive/ make do?
Horrible earthquake damaged their houses
What design ideas have they created to solve their problems?
move in with their with families
[Write your interview questions

  1. Write a short introductory paragraph about who the character is (Max is a odinairy person he lives with he 3 children and his wife   ).
  2. Write a question that asks the character about their thoughts on the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake.
             he was in his houses then his houe was moving and rumbling
  1. Write a question that asks the character about what damage the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake did to their home, belongings and other family members.
the light blub caught on fire and got the t.v. and then the house was on fire
  1. Write a question that asks the character how they are surviving now. What inventive ways have they been able to solve some problems now.

they moved with there famiily’s

My Game

The main character’s name is legendry wolf lion. He got traped into a japed jaw spring trap. Then some pink peopole took him into a opsacle cousre. And the mission was to get to the aother side with out being kille. How you play this game is the arrow keys and how to shoot is M. And if you want to play two players it is W,A,S.D and to shoot is E.  As you can see I am shooting the enemy and running off to the next level and I saw an enemy running towards me and trying to kill me and he ran out of ammo sprinted away but luckely I got him. Then I went to the next level to defeat the taczeto man. And the other level was a little bit wierd because there was chocalate on the floor and the wall it was the flooting log room the flootingImage result for game bosses
WALT: we are learning to create our own game

Monday, 8 June 2015

Winter Man

Freezing cold water, a normal man, put them in together you get winter man.
If you're wondering how do you get winter man because freezing cold water is made in winter then add a man you get winter man. But when it’s summer he is a normal man people like him when he’s a normal man because he makes winter, people  and that’s the end of that.                       

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

ANZAC Day - World War 1

The hole school was talking about ANZAC. ANZAC is special . because that was when all the army that sacrifice there lives for our country. Did you know that the gun’s this year! well the gun’s in world war 1 and 2 had a knife at the bottom so they can shank thim wile they run up to you. Really like ANZAC day because it My Birthday on that day.

Army soldiers are enlisted personnel in the land-based branch of the New Zealand Defence Force, the NZ Army. They join a corps and specialise in a specific role such as gunner or medic.

I didn't remember to do capital letters so next time I will do it. My goal is to do capital letters In beginning of sentience.And I am proud of my self of learning new words and new stuff. I will need a little bit of help for my spelling