Monday, 15 February 2016

The hunted evil ride

Hunted evill ride
One sunny hot day Shaun was going to the theme park in the morning he was bulky like a Gorilla and Mini,Me well he was like as tall like a Baby Bear but he was fast like you you never seen him we're excited because there was a roller coaster. But the thing about this ride the rail will wiggle and it felt like it was about to collapse but because it was an old ride so what do you inspect “Let's go” So we're on the ride here we go!!! were going up down trul trul and a big circle and the strange thing when we got off they saw a ghost that was flying in the air I quickly ran home.
Shaun Forgot Mini,Me and now Mini,Me all alone Wait he’s not a alone
Shaun tell mum That Mini,Me alone and pick up Mini,Me at the theme park

Thursday, 11 February 2016

My Blog Post About math

Image result for mathWe learned about statistics and keep of mind of we learn about words and analysing data and how to explain it and how to ruler our books and how to draw.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Six hats

Miss Clark

Dear room 2

Dear Miss Clark,

I am half Maori half Cook island and a quarter Tailan. Were I was born was In Cook island so i’m gonna tell you about my life. So when I turned one years of age I was a little monkey and witch of I used to climb on the stove and the TV. so on with two year old I went my Nana’s for school quite weird right but I learn how to respect the dog and put everything back were it belongs and yeah” on with three year old I was kinder garden I got scared of everything that came towards me I didn’t like the kids there I like at my Nana’s better but then i got used to it and played and played. whoa a lot writing my hands are falling a sleep so on to four year old. Nooooooo two more years in till school I didn’t know school was and well my mum told me all about school and yeah then times past i’am a year 7 now and i’ll be year 8 next year.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

John camp

IN 2015 we had camp on the 4th of October and it was mean to be in camp you can eat chocolate and Louise to and do you know that you can play around with your friends and you brother and it was mean but when we play on the guest the number you have to find out what is the number in pt England school and you can go out of the school. Do you know we get to do are own show with are team our buy your self but i went with Bradley and our music was called watch me whip watch me name. When Mr Goodwin said welcome to John and Cyrus and we started to dance and when it was finished and me and Bradley said Get out of here and we went and sit down and they calp as hard as the can and Mr Goodwin said that John and Cyrus said thank you very much. I am looking forward to be an year 7 in 2016 and i will be good and nice to the teacher and i will never be bad again.