Thursday, 23 March 2017

Our 8 time tables song.

Hi my name John this is song that you can learn if you like song s this song can help you with your 8 time table which has help me

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

My fun weekend

My intro is Playing games on my PS3 with my favourite cousin
And playing outside with our scooters me and my cousin are best friends kind of like brothers because we have the same identity.   

My first thing is The game we were playing was call of duty black ops 1 and call of duty ghost this a game that we like to play because it a shooting game.

The second is We were playing with our scooter at the skate park that is one of our favourite things to do because we are the same level at scootering.

My third thing is We were eating all the food in the cupboard the food that we eat is doritos, butter chicken, lollies, chips, and all the food that you could imagine.   

My conclusion is We love it no matter what gets in our way because we have come up with a word that helps us every time and that word is brothers.

Water worries

WALT  Support all my answers with evidence from the text

Water Wise