Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Are You Madd Enough

John amour sucks at scootering then he meet Ryan will and Dakota s then after one year this sudden happen. John amour doing backflip frontflip buttercup inward tailwhip barspin then he gets sponsored and then goes to a competition and wins heaps of medals and trophies. And then he goes to the world champion to verse Jordan clarke. To be continue.

Friday, 17 June 2016


hi my name is John I am half Cookland and half Maori my favourite game is five night at Freddy's.
]it is a games that you have to survive the night there are Character that try to a attack you they are called Freddy the bear, foxy the fox, chica the chicken and bonnie the bunny, and balloon boy the boy, and spider foxy  is a spider and fox, and sparky the dog, golden Freddy the yellow bear, golden bonnie the yellow bunny and puppet master is the boss of the CharacterImage result for fnaf