Wednesday, 4 March 2015

my cool thing

hi my name is John I am half Cookland and half Maori my favourite game is five night at Freddy's.
it is a games that you have to survive the night there are Character that try to a attack you they are called Freddy the bear, foxy the fox, chica the chicken and bonnie the bunny, and balloon boy the boy, and spider foxy  is a spider and fox, and sparky the dog, golden Freddy the yellow bear, golden bonnie the yellow bunny and puppet master is the boss of the Character


  1. Hi John-Amour I really like your writing its really grate that you like five nights at Freddy I think you love play it every day keep up the grate work.

  2. HI John It's me Junior I really like your five nights at Freddy work and I like that games as well

  3. Hi John amour its me Jonathon I like five nights at freddys to I also play tha game :)


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