Thursday, 27 March 2014


Have you been taught by instructor before? well my instructor’s name is Laura for group2. Class 9 walk to the Glen Innes pool’s to learn how to swim because people die every day in for New Zealand from drowning.
That why class 9 go to swim.

I have been learning how to use rotating arms and rocket arms too.
`When we do our rocket arm we have to put our chin on our chest.
and rotating arms is like arm circle but it go’s one at time.
Not like a windmill arms then you will go slow.

I feel really good at swimming because I did rocket arms well. I know I need to swim at a good pace.


  1. I love this blog John-Amour!!!
    Keep up the awesome work son

    xx Mum

  2. You really thought about what you needed to work on John and that's great! You swam well though and should be proud of your efforts so far.


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