Monday, 22 June 2015

My Game

The main character’s name is legendry wolf lion. He got traped into a japed jaw spring trap. Then some pink peopole took him into a opsacle cousre. And the mission was to get to the aother side with out being kille. How you play this game is the arrow keys and how to shoot is M. And if you want to play two players it is W,A,S.D and to shoot is E.  As you can see I am shooting the enemy and running off to the next level and I saw an enemy running towards me and trying to kill me and he ran out of ammo sprinted away but luckely I got him. Then I went to the next level to defeat the taczeto man. And the other level was a little bit wierd because there was chocalate on the floor and the wall it was the flooting log room the flootingImage result for game bosses
WALT: we are learning to create our own game

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