Monday, 8 August 2016

How The Olympics strated

The Olympic games are a competition where the top athlete compete against each other to win a medal for their country or nation the only top athlete from country that qualify to represent their country

 the sport they started was boxing how to play this game is you need to have are these gloves called knuckle duster. If you get punch in the face and you fall down. The other person that punch you is the winner.

 olden day Olympic was all about religion. Religion meansl that animals were sacrificed and will killed. But now and today it is not all about religion now it all about funnest and kindness.

 the sport they now Olympic athlete performance enhancement drugs media money tourism. One of the country that been band from Rio is Russia. so if people has been drug. Is being able to run 9 seconds in the 100 meter sprint.

conclusion so I've put down all the things that have been real against the past 2 million years even before BC but now on is all about money and tourism and athlete.

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