Tuesday, 1 November 2016


During a horrible period of time, people fighting for their wives and kids especially for their lives, but one person that sat down on a hard stone ruined wall shaped like a bench and that no one had ever been and his name was Eli.

His hair was light brown like a brown bear that shimmered in the light, the colour of his skin was tanned colour that resembled the colour of murky mud on his skin that had wounded sores on his head down to his legs.

So he had a sat down on this bench that no one had ever been he took of his helmet and in the picture inside was his wife and kids that looked beautiful like a rose falling on a person's hand that is was a sign of beautiful and loveness and.

His kind fit lovely wife and her name was Krystal and his kids name were Jodeci,Toby, and the youngest one is Krystal JR they all loved their dad with all their heart then at the last minute with no chance by living with a shot threw his heart falling with the picture of his family

Eli was brutally shot in the heart while sitting on the rocky bench were all his love came from his wife and kids falling on the ground with his picture of his family and a rose from his wife for good luck and then HE DIED WITH HIS HEART BROKEN IN A MILLION PIECES`.

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