Monday, 10 July 2017

What do i do when i'm bored


  1. Hi John
    I'm reading this in an aeroplane. Good on you for making this presentation. You chose some yummy food for your slide on eating!
    I'm glad to see you blogging.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi John!

    It is great to see that you are blogging this holiday. Like you, I absolutely love to play basketball. In fact, Aronui (my son) and I often play basketball at our house because we have our own hoop and our own ball. I saved up the money to buy the basketball because I love playing so much! I started playing at the age of 9 and I haven't really stopped!

    I actually grew up in a small town in Canada called Almonte. It is the birthplace of the inventor of basketball, Dr James Naismith. I always find it amazing to think that I come from the same town as Dr Naismith but it does explain why everyone in town learns how to play b-ball when they're young!

    I hope that you're having fun playing ball this holiday. If you're looking for an opportunity to keep blogging, please consider joining our Winter Learning Journey programme. It's a free blogging programme that helps you practice your reading and writing skills and keeps you connected with your friends and classmates over the school break!

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    Please consider joining us this holiday! We'd love to blog with you!

    Rachel and the Winter Learning Journey blogging team


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