Friday, 24 October 2014

cyber smart

(use my brain use my heart i’m going to be Cyber smart)
Do you know what cyber smart mean’s? if you don’t know what that means use your brain to think very hard at learning time. but we use our netbook. and use my heart is when you are brave to say something positive message. not like saying something to a real person like on email’s and blog’s.
(Use my brain)
Do you know when you send a unpositive message it will stay there forever and ever? even if you try to delete it will stay there on email’s and blog’s. and  different stuff. and it will leave a footprint that teacher’s can see on your netbook.
(Use my heart)
I will explain to you about use my heart. you can be kind to other’s online. and doing your best at math’s test and reading’s test all kind of stuff even if your trying. just believe your self.

(I’m going to be Cyber smart)
When your online and when you send a chain message footprint you can screen shot it and send it to a teacher and call for help.

All those thing’s are our korero for our school.and it is a emportet word for every friday

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