Friday, 17 October 2014

river side camp

In the holiday’s I went to this river side camp. it’s like you go camp at the end of the term. we went to a willow park place. it looks like a hotel but there’s cool stuff like mini golf and trap’s and a tennis court and all those things like you could imagine.

At willow park there’s green machine and scooters and bikes and ping pong tables and a massive field like a real field like the all black’s play on. green machine’s are like drift trikes but they have control sticks one make you go right and the other on go left. and the massive field that I was talking about that like 50 elephant’s.

And how I felt is pretty good for monday to friday.


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  1. Hi John Amour

    Glad you enjoyed the Riverside Camp. I loved reading this blog

    Love you heaps


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