Friday, 5 February 2016

Miss Clark

Dear room 2

Dear Miss Clark,

I am half Maori half Cook island and a quarter Tailan. Were I was born was In Cook island so i’m gonna tell you about my life. So when I turned one years of age I was a little monkey and witch of I used to climb on the stove and the TV. so on with two year old I went my Nana’s for school quite weird right but I learn how to respect the dog and put everything back were it belongs and yeah” on with three year old I was kinder garden I got scared of everything that came towards me I didn’t like the kids there I like at my Nana’s better but then i got used to it and played and played. whoa a lot writing my hands are falling a sleep so on to four year old. Nooooooo two more years in till school I didn’t know school was and well my mum told me all about school and yeah then times past i’am a year 7 now and i’ll be year 8 next year.

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